Jedi, December 1, 2006 to May 14, 2018

I haven't posted in a very long time. It may seem sad to restart my blogging by sharing our loss, but I need to make sure to remember our dog, Jedi. 

This is one of the last photos we had taken of Jedi. We lost him on Mother's Day. He had some neurological issues. He was twelve years old. 

Jedi was a sweet dog. He was very protective of the family and was a very good watch dog. When he didn't trust a visitor, he made sure to keep himself between the new person and the family. 

 Jedi was very loving. He would watch over the new fur-babies of the house. Above, he is checking on the new kitten, Magik, and giving her licks. 

Then he curled up next to her to nap. 

Later, the other new kitten, Jubilee, joined them and he welcomed her to snuggle. Jubilee and Magik are sisters from the same litter. 

Jedi is on the left and his brother from the same litter, Padawan, is on the right. Their mother was a wire-haired Toy Fox Terrier. Their father was a Maltese. Jedi got his mother's curls. 

Jedi's fur would get crazy when it was long. We tried to keep it shorter so he wasn't too hot and so it wouldn't tangle. 

Jedi is napping on the bed with three of the cats. Magik has the red collar. Her sister, Jubilee is the dark shadow above her and beside Mystique, our Maine Coon. 

Jedi is in the front wearing his sweater because he and his brother, Padawan, got their hair cut and it was cold. So both had on their sweaters. 

Here's Jedi on the steps. 

Jedi would wait for my husband to get out of bed and then move up and use his pillow. I would tuck him in and he would sleep for a bit. 
Jedi, on the left, and his brother liked to have wagon rides, which made it difficult when I wanted to use the wagon for yard work. I would have to scoot the dogs to the front and then pile my hand shovels and other items in the back end of the wagon. 

I made this pet quilt to donate to the local shelter, but Jedi got on it and seemed to want it. So this one stayed at our house.  

Padawan is on the left and Jedi is on the right. They are both puppies, only a couple of months old, in this photo.  
Here's Jedi as a puppy. We miss him. Love you, little guy. 

Jedi: December 1, 2006 to May 14, 2018. 


The five fur babies

We had a photo session, today. 

This is Vex, our oldest. We adopted him in July of 2002. 

This is Padawan. He was born on December 1, 2006. 

This is Jedi.  He and Padawan are brothers. 

 Here is Mystique. She was adopted on November 3, 2007. She was about six-months-old at the time

 Here's our newest fur-baby. His name is Chirpa. He is about 2 years old. We adopted him on June 7, 2017. 

Our new dog, Chirpa

 This is what he looked like last Thursday when we found him sitting outside our gate. He really was sitting outside our gate. My husband opened the door to go to work and saw the dog waiting. My husband opened the gate and the dog ran up to the front door waiting to be let in.

We thought the family that lost him would have been very sad to have lost their dog. We called the police to find out if anyone reported a lost pet. They sent out animal control to take him to the shelter to give the family time to find him.

My husband was very worried that the dog wouldn't be claimed and we called the shelter to let them know we would adopt him if he wasn't claimed. Yesterday, they called because the dog was free for adoption.  

 Here he is at the shelter, yesterday, when we adopted him.

We were inside a caged area introducing the dogs to each other. He kept moving so much that most of my photos of him are blurred. He was  very excited to see us again. He did remember us. He barked at us and not other visitors. I guess he decided we were supposed to be his fur-ever home the week before. 

Chirpa finally sat still long enough for me to take a photo that wasn't blurry. My husband named him Chirpa after an Ewok character from the Star Wars movies. All three of our dogs are named are Star Wars related.

Chirpa is a 2 or 3-year-old male Shih Tzu approximately 10 pounds.