Jedi gardening

Here's how he helps me garden. It doesn't matter if it is a blackberry bush, raspberry bush, or blueberry bush .

Our dogs claim another wagon

Padawan (black collar) and Jedi (blue collar) love wagon rides. We got a new heavy duty wagon for the yard and they had to jump in for a ride. Padawan was so excited he couldn't sit still. He jumped around so much, he unsnapped the liner from the front of the wagon.

Padawan & Jedi

Our dogs love the camera. Whenever they see me pick it up, they run to wherever I point the camera. Of course, I have to take their photos. How could I resist them?

I told them I was going to do a close up and Padawan, the one of the left (also with a black collar) started barking as if he was thrilled. They make me laugh.