Padawan & Jedi

Our dogs love the camera. Whenever they see me pick it up, they run to wherever I point the camera. Of course, I have to take their photos. How could I resist them?

I told them I was going to do a close up and Padawan, the one of the left (also with a black collar) started barking as if he was thrilled. They make me laugh.

In Memory of Lathandar

In Memory of Lathandar, April 15, 2001 to December 2, 2016

Lathandar rolled in catnip. 

One of the saddest moments in a pet parent's life happened to us. Lathandar departed for the rainbow bridge. 

Wednesday, he wasn't around as much, but he ate and drank normally. Thursday, we had to search for him and found that he was weak and obviously something was wrong. We took him directly to the emergency vet. They kept him overnight. He passed Friday morning around 8:00 AM.

We picked out a container for his ashes and they will call when everything is complete. Words can't express how sad I am. However, I wanted to include some of his latest photos below. 

Lathandar in the dresser drawer that wasn't closed. 

Lathandar in his box on our desk. 

Lathandar had something going on with his eyes the last few years. They didn't constrict and were always dialated. 

Lathandar in one of the baskets we have for the cats.  

Lathandar helping me sew.  

This was Lathandar when the vet had clipped off his matts. He didn't let us brush him the last couple of years. We thought it might be arthritis or some other pain issue. 

Cats being naughty

Here are some of our cat photos. 

 Mystique stealing the dogs' bed.

 Vex dumped out the laundry hamper and then decided it was his bed.

 Lathandar emptied the recycling box and then took it as his house.

Mystique kept sitting in front of the television and I finally gave up moving her. The CC behind her made me laugh. It was as if she was saying that to me for trying to move her.